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Jess Todtfeld
Use "Magnetic Communication"
to create more impact, influence, and revenue.
Some of the clients Jess has Presented to:
Quick Summary
BE Magnetic
Draw in More of What You Want...
Impact, Influence, and Income
Short Summary:
BE Magnetic is a high energy speech designed to push your organization toward tackling goals and taking actionable steps. This could be toward more sales, better communication, and better customer service ... or simply more of whatever you are after.
What Your Team Will Learn:
  • Techniques that have been called a        How to Win Friends & Influence Peoplefor a New Millennium
  • Magnetic Communication Techniques
  • Magnetic Marketing or Sales Techniques
  •  Inspiring Life Strategies
Categories: Open or Closing Keynote,
Motivational, Sales, Marketing, Leadership
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Quick Summary
Media Secrets...
PR Secret Weapons
Have More Control and Turn Interviews Into Marketing Might... Secrets from a Guinness Record Setter for Publicity
Short Summary:
Media Secrets is designed to give your organization specific systems to get more / better media attention, and to help them to ace any media interview. This includes crisis situations as well as being able to authentically have more control with the media.

Some groups prefer this talk to focus on the idea of media as marketing. You can drive more attention through media interviews. You just have to use the systems.
What Your Team Will Learn:
  •  How to Have More Control Over Media Interviews
  •  How to Get More Media (or the Right Attention)
  •  Systems to        EasilyRemember & Deliver Answers Without Dodging Questions
  •  Non-Verbal Communication / Body Language & Voice Strategies
Categories: Media, PR, Marketing, Communications
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Quick Summary
Speak to Close
Where Sales Techniques Meet Presentation Skills
Short Summary:
Speak to Close is designed for organizations who already have a sales foundation but realize that their presentations might be getting in their own way.

Jess Todtfeld models both do’s and don’ts and then quizzes the audience on what they think worked. Audiences love the interaction and remember the takeaways long after the presentation.
What Your Team Will Learn:
  •  The 7 Biggest Mistakes that Get in the Wayof Closing More Business
  •  Non-Verbal Communication / Body Language & Voice Strategies
  •  Mental Focus Systems to Eliminate Fear, and Instead, Create Calm & Comfort
  •  Master Story Telling and Become More Memorable
  •  Create Results From Those You Speak to
    (Prospects, Clients, Internal)
Categories: Sales, Leadership, Communication
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Jess Todtfeld
Learn More About Jess - Quick Bio Video
Use "Magnetic Communication"
to create more impact, influence, and revenue.
"Act it and Become It"  –Jess Todtfeld
What People Have to Say About Jess:
"The speech was emotionally gripping and inspiring."
"This just blew me away. This presentation was
the best I've heard in 40 years!"
"It was interactive. Plus, I went home with action items completed already!"
"Jess' speech made everyone feel great... I'm going to try the
1 Minute Dance Party!
Millennial Review
Can't wait to try what I learned.
Meeting Planner talks about takeaways she got.
"Practice Give to Give Techniques" –Jess Todtfeld
How Does Jess Customize for Every Program?
  •  Jess works in your specific pains and group goals
  •  Hands' on strategies - Leave with some action items DONE
  •  Promo videos to help fill your event
  •  Post-Event material to build on new skills learned.
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Engage Your Audience,
Leave them with Powerful, Actionable Takeaways
Some Of The Clients Jess Has Presented To:
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